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  • Professional and wonderful to work with!

    I was lucky enough to work with SchoolApply at the most important stage of my life! 

    SchoolApply helped me synthesize my most relevant experience into an extremely useful set of materials. They taught me to focus my efforts and streamline the way in which I was presenting myself. SchoolApply takes strong personal interest in whom they work with and upholds exceedingly high standards.

    Meet Davda
    International student applying to schools in USA.
  • Thorough help with every application detail!

    SchoolApply made sure I was making the right decision and gave me step by step instructions on how to go about applying for my course. It would have been difficult getting everything done all by myself hadn't SchoolApply helped me get the application right.

    Saurabh Sharma
    International student applying to study in RMIT, Australia


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  • Name Gunjan Malekar

    Graduated Pennsylvania State University

    Role Gunjan contacts the students and assists them in completing their college application.

    Gunjan is here to assist you

  • Name Miti Hathi 

    Graduated  University of Toronto

    Role Miti contacts the students and assists in completing their college application.

    Miti is here to assist you!

  • Name Megan Clements 

    Graduated University of Birmingham

    Role Megan contacts the students and assists in completing their college application.

    Megan is here to assist you!

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Connecting students anywhere in the world with great educational programs and schools abroad that best match their needs and potential
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