MBA in Ireland

MBA – The Master’s in Business Administration in Ireland

The MBA, or Master’s in Business Administration, is a postgraduate degree offered at many universities in Ireland. Most MBA programs take between one and two years to complete. Several universities offer Executive MBA programs with part-time and evening study options. A typical Business Administration curriculum focuses on general business management principles that graduates will be able to apply in many settings. Considered a top qualification in the field, earning an MBA degree can help you achieve leadership roles in the business world.

What Is a Master’s Program in Business Administration?

MBA programs in Ireland generally structure their curricula so as to provide an understanding of leadership and corporate function. To lead in business, it is necessary to grasp the fundamentals of all important organisational operations. Graduates will gain the ability to perceive the ways in which different branches of an organisation contribute to its overall well-being. Thus, in addition to courses in business leadership and management, your program is likely to include subjects such as:

  • Management Information Systems
  • Management Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management Control

Students can also expect to explore macroeconomics, corporate finance and financial statement analysis. A thorough knowledge of financial management is essential for success in business leadership.  Other management-related skills include negotiation, marketing, strategic analysis and innovation.

Given today’s increasing climate of globalization, many MBA degree programs include courses on international business and the global market. Domestic and international business law and corporate regulation often form an important part of the curriculum.

Typical Master’s in Business Administration programs aim to impart leadership skills, not just knowledge of how businesses operate. For this reason, courses tend to emphasise the context and integrated application for any given information.

In addition to completing traditional coursework, students participate in hands-on projects and study visits. These opportunities provide important real-world experience and contact with business leaders.  

Some business schools in Ireland offer electives in addition to the core Business Administration curriculum. Taking an elective course lets students gain a deeper knowledge of an area of interest. Popular subjects include technology management, project management and personal development.

What Are the Benefits of Getting an MBA in Ireland?

Ireland has several business schools that offer an MBA degree, including prestigious institutions such as the Trinity Business School at Trinity College Dublin and the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School at the University College of Dublin, whose Executive MBA programs were included in The Economist’s rankings of Executive MBA programs in 2015.

Obtaining a Master’s of Business Administration is an excellent option for anyone who wishes to seriously pursue a career in business or corporate leadership. With the strategic and analytical skills gained through the MBA curriculum, graduates will gain the ability to think broadly and practice integrative management techniques. As an aspiring leader, you will need to both focus on the details, and keep in mind the big picture. You will have to make short-term and long-term strategic plans and decisions. The knowledge obtained through the Business Administration coursework will enable you to think effectively and lead confidently.

MBA programs in Ireland devote a large part of their coursework to practical work. The resulting hands-on experience will help you practice your skills and apply your theoretical knowledge to real situations. Many programs also facilitate contact with industry leaders through special seminars, visiting lecturers, and study visit opportunities for students. This will enable you to practice networking skills and begin making important contacts.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With an MBA?

The general applicability of the Business Administration curriculum empowers graduates to lead in many types of settings. In addition to entering the corporate world, MBA degree holders go on to fulfil leadership roles in non-profit organisations such as universities and hospitals, in charities and aid organizations, and in the entertainment world.

Many graduates use the MBA degree as a way to start moving up the management ladder and into an executive position. Others use the knowledge and skills they gain in order to become successful entrepreneurs.

While many full-time MBA programs are geared to students who have just completed their undergraduate study, the Business Administration field includes many students who are currently employed and wish to further advance their careers. Many Master’s of Business Administration programs in Ireland offer part-time, evening, and weekend programs for those who want to continue to develop in their field.