MBA in United Arab Emirates

Earning an MBA in the United Arab Emirates

A Master’s of Business Administration is a post-graduate degree awarded to students who have completed two years of coursework in a business-related field. Students who choose to pursue this type of degree in the United Arab Emirates have over 28 public, private, and online schools to choose from. Many of these schools have international ties and afford students the opportunity to travel and study abroad as part of their regular curriculum. While Arabic is the official language of the UAE, most programs are taught in English, making the program accessible to students from around the world.

What Is an MBA?

Broadly speaking, an MBA gives students a firm grounding in the essentials of business management. Courses may include accounting, finance, marketing, human resource management, leadership and project management. Students are also encouraged to choose an area of emphasis for their degree. The coursework, research studies, and opportunities for real-world collaborations are designed to prepare students to manage personnel, material resources and project timelines in a modern corporation.

Many programs in the UAE emphasize international business. The S P Jain School of Global Management, confers a degree in Global Family Managed Business. The Hult International Business School, offers a Global One-Year MBA program as well as a Global Executive MBA. Programs with this type of emphasis may include courses on international communication, laws and regulations.

MBA programs are about more than just classroom learning. Because an MBA is a post-graduate program, it is likely to include opportunities for research and real-world applications. S P Jain is equipped with a mock trading room and hi-tech learning centers. Hult’s award-winning curriculum allows students to collaborate with business leaders, employers and entrepreneurs. The Institute of Management Technology Dubai, has also woven opportunities for students to interact with the corporate world into its curriculum.

What Are the Benefits of Getting an MBA?

Students in an MBA program can gain more than just a strong business education. As they interact with classmates and collaborate with professors and leaders in the business world, they can hone important skills and forge valuable professional connections. Students may learn to collaborate with others, present ideas clearly and communicate effectively across cultures.

Schools in Dubai are particularly cosmopolitan; 80% of the city’s population comes from outside the UAE. Students can learn a lot from their international classmates, and may have the opportunity to travel abroad as well. Many of Dubai’s universities have sister campuses in other nations, and encourage their students to spend part of their education living and studying abroad. Heriot-Watt University was the first international school to open a campus in Dubai, and students are welcome to study at their world-renowned Scottish campus as well. Students at Dubai’s S P Jain School of Global Management, are also required to spend time at the university’s Singapore and Sydney campuses.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With an MBA?

Graduates with an MBA can look for work in many different departments. Some will work primarily with people; they may become office administers, human resource managers or fundraisers. Those who are most proficient with numbers may become financial advisors, account managers or investment bankers. Creative graduates may go into marketing or advertising. Risk-takers may be drawn to entrepreneurial ventures.

MBA holders can also work in many industries. Some will teach at universities, while others will join government organizations. Graduates from UAE business schools often find work in banking, telecommunications, or petroleum. Some of the top employers for Dubai MBA graduates include:

  • Du - The fastest-growing telecommunications company in the UAE.
  • Emirates NBD - One of the largest banking entities in the Middle East.
  • IBM - A multinational technology and consulting company.
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority - Promotes modern technology-based industries.
  • Petrofac - A service provider to the petroleum industry.
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank - One of the largest Islamic banks in the UAE.
  • Etisalat Group - A leading telecom groups for emerging markets.
  • Emirates - A Dubai-based airline company.
  • Commercial Bank of Dubai - A banking and financial services corporation.
  • UAE Exchange - A global money transfer service provider.
  • Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange - A financial and commodity derivatives exchange.

Not all graduates choose to remain in the UAE. S P Jain Alumni work in Singapore, Finland, South Africa, Myanmar and the US. Three out of four Hult Dubai graduates have careers outside the UAE. With an MBA, graduates are equipped to compete in the global job market, and to find satisfying work in many sectors, industries, and nations.