Master’s in Computer Science in the UK

Master's in Computer Science in the UK – Postgraduate Academic Degrees

The UK is home to several well-known, ancient universities and has a higher education system that is respected across the globe. Considering this, pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science in the UK can be very beneficial. With its innovative programmes, students who study in the UK have the opportunity to receive an education that may not be found anywhere else.

The various aspects of the local area add to the appeal of studying in the UK. The country is filled with rich history and houses several national landmarks that thousands of tourists flock to each and every year. Also, with the different people that are represented there, students have the opportunity to experience different cultures, food and entertainment. With so much academic and environmental stimulation, students would never be at a loss when studying in the UK.

What is a Master’s Programme?

A Master’s programme is a course of study that is often pursued after completion of a Bachelor’s. Some individuals who do not have a Bachelor’s but do possess strong work experience may be able to enroll in a programme as well, as long as certain prerequisites are met. Either way, this degree builds upon knowledge about an industry and provides an in-depth understanding of a particular aspect or job.

A Master’s in Computer Science focuses on the creation, function and application of computer programs. Some of the main concepts that are covered through the programme include:

  • Data mining
  • Data visualization
  • Cloud computing
  • Machine learning

Though technology is constantly evolving, having a strong grasp of the main concepts can help individuals to grasp new technologies and methods quickly. On the other hand, an expert knowledge of these concepts can also help individuals to create the new wave of technology.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s?

A Master’s degree provides specialized education that students do not receive on the undergraduate level. Though an undergraduate major will provide targeted study in a specific area, it will not go into as great a detail as a Master’s degree. During Master’s studies the whole focus is on a specific subject. That is why employers see a Master’s degree as an indication that the individual has expert knowledge on a given subject. This can have strong benefits.

  • Smaller job pool. There are some positions that require that applicants possess a Master’s degree. Since there are fewer individuals that pursue graduate education than undergraduate education, the job pool is smaller. This helps to increase the chances of an applicant being hired.
  • Specialized positions. A Master’s helps to develop and sharpen certain skills that may be necessary for certain jobs. Those who are able to obtain these positions and who enjoy a challenge may find greater job satisfaction.
  • Upward mobility. Knowledge is power, and whether you have extensive experience or not, a graduate degree can help to position you to excel within your position and company.
  • Higher pay. Though within the technology industry experience can garner a high rate of pay, those entering the market with a Master’s can expect a higher pay than those entering with a Bachelor’s.

Along with these general facts, individuals may find that their Master’s gives them additional benefits within the actual companies that they work for.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s?

The most common pursuit for individuals who obtain a Master’s in Computer Science is some type of position within IT. Some of the more common choices include:

  • Data or Software Architect
  • Software Engineer
  • Program Manager
  • Quality Assurance

With the spread of technology and its integration into various aspects of business, IT services are needed. This opens opportunities in the public and private sectors, and virtually any industry. Along with the positions that already exist, new positions are constantly emerging. As new technologies surface there is a need for individuals to operate, manage and integrate those systems. There are  also opportunities for software and program developers to work with established companies or to create their own. Consider the digital wave of today, the opportunities and longevity that comes with any of these career paths is very promising.
Obtaining a Master’s in Computer Science in the UK is a great way to gain a world-class education and explore new and exciting terrain. Take some time to consider how this programme could be of benefit to you.