Best Master’s Degree Programs in Studies in Law

Master’s in Studies in Law

If you desire or need legal knowledge in a certain field but prefer not to become a lawyer, then a Master’s degree program in Studies in Law could be just the thing for you. Such programs tend to take one year, a clear advantage compared with the three years law school takes for many students. Schools worldwide offer Studies in Law, and they include the University of Pittsburgh in the US and Arizona State University, also in the US. The Arizona State program is called Legal Studies, and many schools have that designation instead of Studies in Law. In Canada, schools include the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto.

What Is a Master’s in Studies in Law?

A Master’s in Studies in Law can help aspiring professionals or established professionals in fields such as economics, regulation, advocacy and taxation. In other words, people whose jobs or potential jobs involve regulatory or legal issues may be interested in pursuing this degree. Corporate managers, nurse administrators and librarians are examples. In many programs, the one year spent is very similar to the first year in law school for law students.

Programs such as the University of Pittsburgh School of Law offer the opportunity for specialisation; in fact, Pitt Law has 22. They include:

  • Corporate law
  • General business law
  • Criminal law
  • Disability law
  • Education law
  • Sports and entertainment law
  • Health law
  • Family law

Students can also create their own specialisation. Meanwhile, Arizona State has five emphases; they are criminal law, intellectual property law, human resources law, sustainability law and sports law. Students in any program should expect to do a tremendous amount of reading, writing and research.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Master’s in Studies in Law?

There are quite a few benefits of getting a Master’s in Studies in Law. The main one is the ability to obtain specialised legal knowledge without having to get a law degree. Other advantages include:

  • The many school and program options worldwide.
  • The opportunity to learn from top-notch faculty members.
  • Flexibility with scheduling, as some schools offer online programs.
  • The enhancement of salary and career prospects compared with a bachelor’s degree.
  • The development of soft skills such as critical thinking, writing, research and presentation.
  • The chance to study a particular area of the law.
  • The ability to pair studies with other master’s programs.

Someone getting a Master’s in Information Science may want to pursue law studies in areas such as intellectual property, while a sports team public relations director might want to study sports and entertainment law.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Studies in Law?

A Master’s in Studies in Law can lead to or enhance many careers. Graduates work in fields such as:

  • Women’s advocacy
  • Disability rights
  • Environmental awareness
  • Corporate regulation
  • Taxation
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Medicine
  • Health

For example, the director of a women’s advocacy organisation could benefit from a specialisation in one of many fields (health law, employment law or civil rights law to name a few) to better inform her choices and decisions as director.

Graduates of Master’s degree programs in Studies in Law have many career enhancement possibilities. Begin today to explore your opportunities all over the world.